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Exciting New Learning Package

Garland is seriously committed to implementing the following new 21st century-oriented learning package to all its learners. This was crafted after careful consultation with various stakeholders and parties so that it fully meets the 21st century learning needs of all pupils.


This academic syllabi for junior schools comprises three key subjects: English Language, Mathematics and Science. The Science section is clearly divided into Physics, Chemistry and Biology sub-sections. The teaching content is very rich and truly equips learners with a strong language and STEM foundation that will make them easily fit into any Cambridge high school in the world. Garland will start offering this internationally recognized curriculum soon and has already started the registration process with the British Council.

  • ICT

The Group is positioning itself as an ICT educational center. It recognizes the great importance of this modern day subject. A highly qualified and experienced full-time ICT teacher has been engaged and so high quality ICT tuition will be offered right from ECD toddlers’ class up to Grade 7. The subject will be offered in a practical-oriented mode where practical work, real-life applications, individual and group projects will be emphasized.

An ICT Club has also been added to our club menu. Thus, to facilitate deep level learning of this digital subject, the Group heartily appeals to all parents to acquire laptops for their children. Measures have been put in place to ensure security and safety of the student laptops. This, we believe, will nurture tomorrow’s technocrats and tech-savvy individuals. Both Kiddos and Garland premises have a high speed and reliable ADSL Internet Wi-Fi facility.

The formal learning of ICT also involves learners being equipped with practical knowledge and appreciation of computer security, safety and ethics as well as dangers associated with Internet use such as hacking, cyber crime, online bullying, blackmailing and pornography. In addition, we have blocked all non-educational and inappropriate content on all incoming Internet traffic on our primary router.The Group have also started to go paperless in most of its operations both to achieve operational efficiency and to embrace the green technologies concept. Starting term 2 2018, homework and communication to parents and guardians will be in electronic form. Hence, once again, parents are called upon to acquire laptops for their children.


This again will be offered as a curriculum subject. Considering how vital entrepreneurship is in the global village today, Garland has committed itself to introduce the subject right from ECD and to accord it the same importance in the school curriculum just like Mathematics and Languages. The subject’s learning cycle will involve learners making educational trips to various companies and organizations to appreciate how different businesses are organized and also setting up mock businesses themselves.

Garland strongly believes that this will lay a very strong business foundation and acumen in learners that will help them come up with creative and innovative ideas to enable them to setup successful businesses of their own in the future. Research has repeatedly shown that even the not-so-academically talented learners can become successful business people if properly oriented. As highlighted before, of late, the global trend is a paradigm shift from producing job seekers to producing job creators by learning institutions.


Recognizing the important role that music plays in society both as a source of employment and for entertainment and self-expression, the Group has introduced music in its rich curriculum plate and has engaged a qualified music teacher. Pupils will have an opportunity to explore, learn and master various musical instruments.


As an international school, Garland heartily recognizes the importance of learners being multilingual in order to fit well in the international world. Consequently, we highly value mastery of various languages and presentation skills by learners. Hence our academic curriculum includes English Language, French and Shona right from ECD. The Group has thus employed a qualified French teacher to teach French classes from ECD upwards.

We are an English medium school. Hence all learner activities, except Shona classes, are contacted in formal English. This also applies to all staff as they carry out their day to day duties and holding meeting discussions.


To enable effective teaching of both the new Zimsec curriculum and Cambridge Primary curriculum, Garland Group intends to setup a junior science laboratory to enable the practical components of the above mentioned syllabi to be effectively taught. We believe this will equip the Garland learners with a strong STEM-based orientation.


We are currently outsourcing library services but construction of our own library is in  our strategic plans.


The Garland learner motivation policy spells out a number of practical ways to be implemented in order to spark intrinsic motivation in learners to achieve the best. These include award of merit badges to individual pupils for achieving the highest performance in various subjects in fortnightly tests and the best student recognition and awards at school closing assemblies. The best students awards will be a major highlight at the last assembly of the term and undoubtedly all students are motivated to work very hard and thus look forward to be among this honored group of pupils come end of each term. The awards will cover a varied range of categories such academic, sport, clubs, leadership, discipline, punctuality and smartness.

For quality assurance and to introduce competitiveness among the exam classes, that is Grade 5 and Grade 6, the Group has partnered with other reputable schools in setting of common end of term exams, mock exams, seminars and other revision sessions.


A vibrant G & C department has been established to offer high quality, relevant and up to date personal, educational and career guidance and counselling services to learners. We have realized and positively responded to the need for this valuable service in light of the present day increased social-economic pressures, influences and challenges from home, school, the community, and indeed changing job market demands that are mounting on learners. For example, most of us here probably agree that our prospects in life could have been far better if the right educational and career guidance was availed to us early in life.

The Group also strongly believes that discipline is an important prerequisite to true success of learners. If properly administered and insisted on learners then it creates an environment  that allows each learner to perform to their best now and with a long term benefit of becoming well adjusted adults. Thus learner discipline is also a critical function of the Guidance & Counselling department and we have a zero tolerance to indiscipline.


Both new and existing Garland teachers are subjected to a rigorous and continuous program of staff development and mentoring to fine tune their professional competency and work ethic. These include demonstration lessons, coaching by renowned teachers and examiners, partnerships and exchange programs with other reputable schools.

There is also an intensive individual teacher performance assessment and appraisal plan. Performance-related awards have also been lined up in addition to a number of other incentives which are part of our general staff motivation policy.


The Group has lined up a number of exciting clubs that suits individual learner needs, abilities and interests and sufficient time has been allocated to them on the master time table. We strongly believe that the club activities immensely contribute to the learners’ personality, moral, social and intellectual development.

These clubs include Quiz and Debate Club, Spelling- B Club, Chess Club, ICT Club, Drama Club, Toastmasters Club and Music Club. Seminars and competitions with other like schools will be organized from time to time to grow the talent in our learners and to allow exchange of knowledge, skills, ideas and experiences with learners from other schools.


A range of sport disciplines are being offered to learners to cater for their varied interests and natural abilities. These include soccer, volleyball, tennis, hockey, cricket, swimming and chess. Garland Group strongly believes that this will afford all learners an opportunity to nurture sport talent, exercise, refresh, and ready themselves for adult life in this globalized world.


This inaugural meeting is indeed the first step in forming a very strong strategic partnership with our dear parents and guardians. We really look forward to joining hands with parents in realizing this ambitious Garland vision. To this end, the Garland Group happily welcomes all comments, ideas, suggestions and assistance from you our valued clients – the parents and guardians. I thank you.