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Sport & Fun Day- The Battle Was Finally Fought!

The day started rather on a lazy note but  then the two bulls Eagles and Swallows battle gradually heated up to very unprecedented levels.  The battle consisted of both student and parent and Garland staff field and track activities. Even the toddlers class members were not spared. they were squarely determined to add their points to their houses. In the afternoon the struggle took a new twist when match between Eagles fathers and Swallows fathers . This culminated in Eagles being swallowed by 2-1 of which the other Swallows goal came on a silver plater when  the Eagles keeper self scored himself. Then came the Garland staff vs Garland parents match. This resulted in the Garland staff being thumped 1-0.

Finally the result announcement and prize giving time came that everyone was eagerly waiting for even the toddlers. Fortunately both bulls shared the spoils. On the learners’ side Eagles scooped the trophy while  on the parents’ side the swallows ‘swallowed’ the prize.

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