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Our history

Our young pre-classes are for ages. This age group is working on developing their fine and gross motor skills, but are fast gaining independence and developing their intellectual and social skills through play. Kiddos ECD then gave birth to Garland Junior School in 2013.

2005, Kiddos ECD Centre was founded

For the past  thirteen years, the school grew to encompass a learner enrollment of over forty, all housed at Kiddos Educational Center campus.

2013, Garland Junior School opens

Parched in the serine environs of Hatfield, this neat Junior School was established in response to Kiddos ECD parents’ request to have a junior school for their would-be Grade One children. These parents’ children  have had a taste of high quality tuition at Kiddos and were unwilling to part ways with it. Since then Garland Junior School has been steadily growing year after year.

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